ADE2019 Private Page

Social Media Stats (Oct 2019)


Spotify: 14.2 Million Streams

Spotify: 3.73 Million listeners

Apple Music: 2.2 Million Streams

Shazam: 61k followers




Selected Releases & Remixes


DASCO Ft. Haneri – Whatever You Like
(Relentless Records)

    •    5,870,000 Spotify Streams

    •    1M+ Youtube views

    •    UK Music Week Chart Top 10


DASCO – What I Need

(Phonetic Recordings)

    •    #1 US Billboard Breakout Chart

    •    1M+ YouTube Plays

    •    Top 10 European iTunes Download Chart

    •    #5 UK Top Dance Chart

    •    #1 Album in Germany

    •    National Daytime Radio Playlists

    •    1,573,000 Spotify plays


Deborah Cox – Let the World Be Ours Tonight (Radikal Records)

    •    No.1 USA Billboard

    •    1m+ Streams



Tom Walker – Leave A Light On

(Relentless Records)

    •    3,790,000 Spotify Streams


NOT3S – My Lover (DASCO Remix)

(Relentless Records)

    •    661,000 Spotify plays



Current Releases

Dasco have reached over 15 million streams in the last two years with their releases on Relentless records UK (Sony), DeuxTrois Records (US) and Discowax (Scandinavia).  Featuring on thousands of Spotify playlists, and syncs with prime time UK TV Shows Dasco are now very in-demand producers and remixers (as well as being behind a number of Asian Kpop and Jpop chart hits)  Dasco are gaining momentum fast and are one of the hot acts to watch out for over the next few years with a constant output of high quality music in progress. 

"Hard To Love"  (Disco:Wax)

"Whatever You Like"  (Relentless/Sony)

Selected Remixes

Tom Walker

Leave A light on (Dasco Remix)



My Lover (Dasco Remix)



Lock & Load (Dasco Remix)


The Company

Berlin (Dasco Remix) 


Nancy Black

Dance (Dasco Remix)

New Demos (Private)

Dasco ft. Twan Ray (tbc)



Dasco Ft Tristan Henry 

Everybody Like!


Dasco TBC

Blush (to be female) 


Dasco Ft. TBC




Note: these demos are at various unfinished stages